Being human isn’t easy and sometimes it’s hard to stop and appreciate what a great job we’re doing admist everything that life throws our way. That’s about to change. Our yesmum® affirmation cards are your daily pat on the back, whoever you are and whatever you do (nope, we’re not just for mums!). A quick, straightforward way to access the power of positive programming and start each day with strength and self-assurance.

A simple habit of positive thought processes help shift your mindset. And brilliantly, a change in emotional state directly affects the way you experience the world around you. The more you tell yourself something,

the more you believe it, and ultimately the more you live by it. Better still, calmness, confidence and self-belief are great tools for dealing with life’s trickier moments.

One pack contains 31 yesmum® affirmation cards. Each pack comes in a clear box with instruction card.

Worldwide shipping available. Items are not sent with an invoice, price or payment details, so if buying as a gift you can send direct to your recipient and include a gift message (just add your message at checkout).