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Everything that’s going on right now can feel overwhelming and uncertain, so I wanted to work out a way that I could help to support you over the coming weeks and months.

With the country-wide school closures, many of us will find ourselves home-schooling for an undetermined amount of time, and I know for sure that I’m not the only person who finds this idea daunting!

I’m a mum to two boys (aged 9 and 1), and for me personally, I know the only way I’m going to cope going forward is to have some kind of structure that provides a bit of certainty where it is suddenly otherwise missing. My take on learning is that it is most effective when it’s play/child led, and in times like this especially, I know that we’ve all got to feel interested and engaged in what we’re doing for it to counteract all of the new elements of unknown.

I know that lots of schools (ours included) are offering online/distance learning support, which is great, but I also know that as a parent, I want to feel like an active participant in the coming months, especially given that our children are going to be at home and fitting into lots of different personal set-ups. Having some ideas and boundaries in place for school days at home will mean that we’re not scrambling around for ideas to keep them engaged in learning, and that we all have a bit more calmness and clarity around the days ahead.

Now don’t be fooled, I’m by no means suggesting that there won’t be days where best laid plans are quickly replaced with the grace of TV and iPads, but I think going into things with a bit of thought and forward-planning will make this uncharted territory more rewarding and less stressful for everyone involved.

If this sounds appealing to you, then come and have a look at what I’ve created. In this yesmum MINI club PDF, you’ll find everything you need to implement a simple home-learning structure into your days with lots of room for fun and flexibility. It is geared towards primary age children (say ages 5 to 11) and I am making this available FOR FREE, so that everyone has access to these ideas and some extra tips along the way.

Simply add this to your basket and your relaxed home-learning guide will land in your inbox in the next two hours.


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