the yesmum®️ birth project

The yesmum®️ birth project is an audio guide offering a modern approach to hypnobirthing for creating a positive and empowering birth experience, however your baby enters the world. Hypnobirthing offers you the tools for a calm and comfortable birth, it equips you with the knowledge to make confident and informed decisions, and to empower yourselves through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Throughout this audio guide, you will be taught the philosophy of hypnobirthing – the physiology of birth, the importance of connecting both mind and body, and how fear affects the birthing body and your baby. You will also be introduced to the practice of deep relaxation and equipped with tools to use during labour and birth.

The package includes 13 audio sessions distributed over 3 weeks; first hand positive birth stories; printable positive affirmations for pregnancy and birth; 3 MP3s; ongoing support in our online community.