Family life can be hectic and fast-paced, with everyone doing their own thing at different times. These yesmum® family cards are designed to help you carve out time together and connect with yourselves and as a family.

Try keeping them on the kitchen table and turn a new card over at mealtimes. Let everyone take turns in answering the card in their own way, with no rights or wrongs. You may well learn a lot about each other along the way, as well as discovering how to support each other as a team.

A simple habit of positive thoughts and dialogues will help establish a happy mindset, and this will directly affect the way you and your children experience the world.

One pack contains 31 yesmum® conversation cards.

Comes in a clear box with instruction card.

Worldwide shipping available. Cards are not sent with an invoice, price or payment details, so if buying as a gift you can send direct to your recipient and include a gift message (just add your message at checkout).