Calm amongst chaos

When we find ourselves in times of uncertainty and stress, it often becomes more difficult to make good decisions for ourselves. We are inclined to obsess or withdraw in our anxieties or fears, or to self-sabotage by catastrophising and resigning ourselves to the worst possible outcomes.

Pregnancy during a pandemic is scary. None of us have done this before. It’s uncharted territory and at a time we’re looking for comfort and reassurance, we’re met with the opposite. Preparations are disjointed, plans are changing, and we find ourselves struggling to keep a sense of calmness and control. Excitement is replaced with uneasiness, and it becomes harder to enjoy our pregnancies and prepare positively for our baby’s birth.

I’m here to get you back on track though. With nine years of hypnobirthing teaching and a best-selling book on the topic, I have condensed the best and most effective tools into a bite-sized offering for pregnancy during a pandemic. Jump on board with me and make a proactive choice for regaining control and equipping yourself with the best toolkit to navigate this unexpected landscape.

Over two weeks, I am going to provide you with a simple and effective toolkit for short-circuiting your stressor responses and regaining a sense of calmness, control and clarity. I’ll be sharing with you some nuggets of wisdom for strengthening your physical and mental wellbeing, and preparing to birth your baby in a comfortable, calm and empowering way, even in the current climate.

Once you have purchased this pack, you will automatically receive the series by email over the course of two weeks.