Affirmations for Motherhood MP3

This Affirmations for Motherhood MP3 is a great audio to have as a new or seasoned mother and is the perfect accompaniment to your YESMUM cards.

Drawing on techniques from mindfulness and hypnobirthing, these audio affirmations offer a quick, straightforward way to access the power of positive programming and fill each day with strength and self-assurance.Have them on loop a few times and listen to them during your morning routine, when you’re feeding or whenever you’re in need of a positive boost.

A simple habit of positive thought processes help shift your mind-set. And brilliantly, a change in emotional state directly affects the way you experience the world around you. The more you affirm positive messages to yourself, the more you believe them, and ultimately the more you live by them. Better still, calmness, confidence and self-belief are great tools for dealing with the trickier moments of raising a small person.