Being a kid (or a grown-up for that matter) isn’t easy and often the conditioning and beliefs we create as children are responsible for the emotional baggage we lug around as adults. Negative messages from adults (even well-meaning ones) can sow the seeds for false beliefs and self-doubt, so these positivity posters offer a quick, straightforward way for your family to access the power of positive programming every single day.

Hang your poster in your kids bedroom, a playroom or even your family space. A simple habit of positive thoughts will help establish a happy mindset, and this will directly affect the way you and your family experience the world around you. The more you see something and read something, the more you will believe it, and ultimately the more you will live by it.

This poster is purple with “I can do anything I put my mind to.”

View red poster, “I am a winner.”
View yellow poster, “I love who I am.”

One A3 poster, unframed.

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