2022 Diary

Introducing our new 2022 mindfulness diary. We hope you love this product as much as we do, and find it helpful in living a year you find peaceful, happy and fulfilling, even in the most unpredictable times.

The idea of this week-to-view mindfulness diary is to keep you focused on self-love so that you become more happy and productive on a daily basis. Often when we are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in negative emotional cycles, we get nothing done and end up feeling both exhausted and frustrated with ourselves and others. Our to-do lists seem never-ending and we rarely have time to do the things that make us feel truly alive.

It’s also easy at the beginning of a new year to make a massive list of how we want to overhaul and improve our lives, only for it to have gone out of the window by February. We believe that every day brings the opportunity to make positive choices, and to make the small changes that impact your life in a much more profound way. That’s why we’re giving you an affirmation a week to focus on, and to apply to your life for seven days in a way that feels manageable for you. Read your weekly affirmation aloud each morning, and decide how you’re going to apply it to your day, using the notes on the facing page to keep your intentions at the front of your mind. In this year’s diary, you’ll also find a bi-monthly mindfulness challenge, which is a great way to create longer-term positive habits.

We’re big fans of gratitude too, and find that writing one thing each day that you’re grateful for can keep you grounded in the positive, and away from those draining emotions of guilt, doubt and judgment. Gratitude practice is even more important in uncertain times, and when we don’t know what 2021 will bring, this feels more important than ever. We’ve also included some practical space for your to-do list, shopping items and notes, so that you can get stuff down on paper rather than keeping it all in your head. Have a look to the right to see how we suggest using this page.

Throughout this diary you’ll see that we’ve highlighted the monthly moon phases. Full moons and new moons are marked with a symbol. The full moon then wanes towards a new moon, and a new moon waxes towards a full moon. Without going into too much detail here, when we learn to live in harmony with the moon, we notice that everything feels easier and flows more freely, so here’s a brief overview of how you can start to align your activity – physical and emotional – with this year’s lunar cycles:

Full – often intense, a day to action positive change and intentions
Waning – a time to break habits and eliminate the unecessary from your life
New – a day to step into new beginnings and fresh starts
Waxing – a period to socialise, learn, replenish and restore

*Bank holidays are included for England & Wales

This diary is DL in size (99x210mm), wiro-bound (to lay flat for ease of use), and comes in an earth-friendly gift box.



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