Lips and brows secure = good to go!

Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen as an Ambassador for Lipcote & Co. Their new #LockYourLook campaign relaunching their iconic products was something that really spoke to me, as Lipcote is one of the first products I remember discovering in my mum’s make-up bag as a teenager!

As a mum and business owner, I don’t have a huge amount of time for extensive beauty regimes, so anything that makes this part of life easier is definitely a welcome addition to my cosmetics bag. I also get lots of emails about juggling life, starting a business and my approach to motherhood, so to celebrate the launch of the new Lipcote & Browcote products, I thought I’d give you a breakdown of my day, and some of the things that life for me involves. So here goes!

Oscar, my gorgeous 6 year old, wakes up and comes and gets into my bed for a lovely morning snuggle. This is one of the favourite bits of my day, and we’ll watch some cartoons in bed before getting up for breakfast around 7.30am.

I’m lucky that Oscar’s now old enough to get himself ready for school, so he brushes his teeth and gets dressed whilst I have a quick shower and get ready too. If I’m just doing the school run and heading back home, I’ll keep things simple make-up wise with a bit of tinted moisturiser, a hint of bronzer and groomed brows which I keep in place with a quick swish of Browcote waterproof gel.

I drop Oscar at school and then take our 2 dogs to the park. We have a dachshund called Ruby and an Irish Jack Russell called Peppin who are both a year old, so they’ve got lots of energy to burn! Starting the day with a walk around the park or local woods is so much nicer than diving straight into my laptop, and it means they’ll snooze and let me work for the rest of the day.

If I’ve got an event to go to, I’ll go home and whack on a bit more make-up. I’m loving Charlotte Tilbury, Trish McEvoy and Laura Mercier products at the moment, as well as my current favourite lippy which is Farandine Red from & Other Stories. I always always seal my lipstick with Lipcote, as it’s the only way my colour lasts through commuting, talking, eating and drinking – both of which there’s lots of if I’m either teaching Hypnobirthing or connecting with brands in town.

I always try and get home an hour before pick-up as I hate rushing at this point in the day. I’ll use this time to reply to emails, catch up with the people who help me run operation YESMUM and plan my Instagram posts for the week. I’ll also set aside time for developing new products and think about upcoming collaborations and any opportunities to support and empower women.

I’ll head up to school to pick up Oscar and then either take him to the playground or the skatepark on his skateboard or bike. As a mother of a 6 year old, I spend A LOT of time outside – another reason that using products that keep my make-up in place rather than having to keep touching up is such a relief.

Tea time! I’ll cook something for dinner and Oscar’s just got to the age where he likes to help me with this which is really sweet (even if it does take a bit longer..). I normally eat with him around 5.30/6pm as I hate going to bed on a full stomach.

Bath & bed for the boy! We’ll do a bit of reading, chat about the day and if he’s been good he’s allowed to watch some more cartoons. I’ve been really lucky in that he’s always been a good sleeper, so he’s normally conked out by 8pm at the latest without too much of a battle.

I try not to work in the evenings which I think is a struggle for every self-employed person. When I first set up my business I’d be up until the early hours, ploughing away, but now I’ve learnt to schedule my days better and value the importance of rest and relaxation. If I need to wrap up any loose ends/emails from the day I will, but otherwise I’ll get my comfies on, take my make-up off, light our open fire and sit in the living room with the dogs and either read or watch a film. On the nights I don’t have Oscar (he stays at his dad’s some nights too), I’ll arrange to see friends and go for dinner or out in town. It’s all about balance really, and scheduling in things like friends/exercise/rest/cooking means those things are more likely to happen rather than falling to the bottom of the list.

I know it sounds early but I’m nearly always in bed by 10pm! I really need my sleep, and because my days are so packed with so many different elements of work, I’m always ready to switch off by then. I’ll often have a bath before bed, diffuse some essential oils in my bedroom and then get into bed and read (rather than scrolling Instagram – easier said than done, I know!) before clocking up some Zzzs.

Check out the brilliant products from Lipcote & Co and read more about my involvement in the campaign at, and go say hi to them on Instagram for all the latest news at @lipcoteandco


So great to be part of Team Lipcote with the other amazing ambassadors!