A day in the life..

Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen as an Ambassador for Lipcote & Co. Their new #LockYourLook campaign relaunching their iconic products was something that really spoke to me, as Lipcote is one of the first products I remember discovering in my mum’s make-up bag as a teenager! As a mum and business owner, […]

Give yourself the gift of time and happiness

At this time of year I’m sure I can’t be the only one running out of steam. Every year I say I’m going to have my Christmas shopping done by October but of course it’s just over a week away from December and I haven’t bought a single thing. It’s made me realise how busy […]

Making sleep a priority with Drift

I work with a lot of expectant couples and new and seasoned parents alike, and one of the recurring themes is how difficult they often find it to relax and sleep well. Our lives are becoming busier all the time and with longer hours and an increasing addiction to our digital devices, healthy sleeping habits […]

Making back to school a breeze

With our feet firmly in September and the Back to School brigade imminent, I’ve put some thoughts together on taking a mindful approach to what can be a potentially daunting time for the smalls and us alike! After all, being a kid isn’t easy and often the conditioning and beliefs we absorb as children manifest […]

Father’s Day finds for daddy cool

I haven’t actually written anything since my Mother’s Day gift guide (oops), but what better reason to make a return than to make sure we get the Daddy cools sorted in time for Father’s Day? You have just under a week to get the kids’ handmade/glitter/pipecleaner stuff together (it’s next Sunday, 19th June), but in […]

Mother’s Day must-haves for the modern mama

So I’m not entirely sure where Mother’s Day snuck up from this year, but with only a week to go it’s time to get your thinking caps on if you want to get the mama in your life something impressive. When buying your Mother’s Day gift, remember to keep the recipient in mind and don’t […]

Vulnerability and authenticity from a Maverick Mum

So I’ve recently been asked by the lovely folk over at Not On The High Street to write a feature about being a Maverick Mum and share my experience of doing motherhood my own way – part of their campaign to change the cookie cutter image of motherhood often portrayed in the media. The trouble […]

So long sickness! Six natural remedies for nausea and fatigue.

I’m going to cut to the chase: Morning sickness sucks. I work with so many women who contact me early in their pregnancy, excited about the journey ahead but miserable at the hands of that horrible nausea that often occupies the first trimester. With women wanting to avoid medical intervention wherever possible, I’m often asked […]

10 new mum gifts that are awesome (and don’t die)..

The transition into motherhood can be a daunting one, and I think culturally our focus tends to be on the new life of the baby rather than the changing life of the woman who’s just emptied her womb. And that’s understandable right? Babies are so cute and squishy and fresh and tiny. Their lives are […]

Independent Midwives – unnecessary indulgence or an unparalleled investment in Motherhood?

Many women wonder why they would pay for midwifery care when they can get it for free in the UK, but with the NHS becoming increasingly overstretched and the disappointing demise in caseloading midwifery (where you have a named midwife throughout your pregnancy), lots of women now never see the same midwife twice, with it […]