WOODY'S BIRTH ...with thanks to Clemmie & Ben

My first labour two years ago was so terrible that I honestly thought my son would be an only child. Cut to 13 months later and I am pregnant again. The initial thrill of seeing that line appear soon gives way to a feeling of ‘shit’ I’ve got to go through the trauma of labour again.

I was determined to do things differently. After a little bit of (obsessive) googling I came across hypnobirthing and Hollie. What a stroke of luck. A total game changer.Her classes soon cemented my belief that I wanted a home birth. And gave me the tools to prepare for the birth I wanted. After months of hypno-practice I felt ready and even a bit excited for my baby’s arrival.

That was until my due date came and went. With every passing day my anxiety levels crept up. Flash backs to being induced with my first labour were haunting me.At 40+5 I sent Hollie a rambling email off-loading all my wobbles and fears – even questioning my bodies ability to go into labour on its own. Seconds later she replied telling me to let go of the anxiety, to trust my body. IT WOULD HAPPEN.

She was right. 24 hours and a sweep later, I went to bed with a sneaky suspicion I was in labour. Amazingly I was calm enough to get some sleep.At 3.30 am I woke up. It was definitely happening. No panic, no fuss. Just a real sense of knowing what needed to be done. With son number one safely dispatched to my sisters, I got in the groove with the labour.

There was a palaver with the birth pool. My husband had done a dry run but not a wet run – turns out the fitting couldn’t connect to our tap (funny in retrospect, not very zen at the time). Eventually it was sorted. Once in the water I was able to breath through my surges. Don’t get me wrong it was hardcore. Exhausting. At the time I desperately wanted it to stop. But at no point did I feel worried or out of control.

Towards the end my wonderful midwife gently suggested that I might benefit from a change of scene. I headed upstairs. The bright coolness of the bathroom felt like a new chapter. No sooner had I taken a seat on the loo than with one almighty surge, I stood up, his head was out. Then with the next Woodrow Victor Telford made his entrance into the world. He was born calmly and quietly with his waters in tact!

When people ask me about my labour I say it was everything I wanted it to be. Not only was it a wonderful empowered experience, it also got rid of a whole host of demons from the first time around.

None of which would have been possible if it wasn’t for Hollie. She is amazing. Hypnobirthing is amazing. I will be recommending it to every pregnant woman I know, and probably even a few strangers in the street.

There really is no greater feeling than lying in your bed at home, eating pizza, with your 4 hour old baby snoozing beside you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.