MIA'S BIRTH ...with thanks to Lizzie & Reza

Hello lovely lady! Just a quickie to check in. We have been pretty remiss at keeping in touch – but basically baby Mia arrived calmly and with a lack of fuss and bother last Wednesday in the house, in a pool in the front room in a most lovely way. I can't say I wasn't panicky in places, but overall I had a birth where I was in control and determined to make it happen which I know came directly from you!!

I started off with vague surges on Monday afternoon – but it was all most containable. I sent Reza off to work, so certain was I that I could handle things and by the time he got home, I was still thinking it was all very jolly and the baby was going to fall like a stone from my fanny, with me chanting affirmations, most likely by the next morning.

Everything ramped up overnight, so didn’t get much sleep. But I kept on thinking of the woman whose video we saw who was hiking through bloody forests when she had 4 hours to go and that sort of put it all into perspective. I was doing all my breathing bits and listened almost exclusively to affirmations which were pretty familiar at that stage. By next morn the surges had ramped up (with not even a nipple tweak required!!). But then we sort of got stuck in a rut where I progressed to a stage where I was getting a massive shitty 6 min long surge (most wearing!!) and then two more containable ones within a 15 minute period. We remembered what you said though – kept calm, kept eating, had LOTS of light touch massage (Reza now has bloody stumps for fingers) and played the playlists we had made, lit candles, made it dark etc.

By about 10pm, it was starting to get difficult, but again I was just keeping calm and reading the "she believed she could do it, so she did" affirmation which I had stuck on the sofa and which was my favourite one) and I was pretty determined that the birth would happen at home. The tens machine was hit and miss at this stage, so it was purely the breathing that got me through as there was a point where I thought we would go another 24 hours with the level of surging that we had with no progress, which would have driven me mad.

By 1.30am we called the midwife who came about 20 mins later. By that stage it was getting pretty difficult. I was hoping to high Jesus that she wasn't going to tell me I was 2cm dilated, but it turns out I was 9. My waters hadn't broken and so there was huge pressure to push – but once I had been examined I got in the pool (the bliss, the bliss!) and Mia came along about 30 mins later.

Because my midwife's partner had been called out in an emergency, there was no one to back her up, so she had to call the paramedics to be her back up, so in the middle of it all, one burly man and a little lady came in an ambulance and were hanging out in the bathroom 6ft away from me to provide assistance, should it be needed. In a teeny house that would have been really distracting, but by that stage I was concentrating so hard on breathing, that I didn’t even notice. Then a back up midwife did come, so the house was full to the brim of strangers – so again, had it not been for hypnobirthing, I think I would have been totally freaked out.

Mia came along at 4.30am…I was so blown away by the sight of her that I had forgotten to catch her when she came out, so she was bobbing about in the bottom of the pool like an unleashed salmon with me wondering vaguely what she was. She was calm, she didn’t cry and we think she was asleep, as she opened her eyes when she was put on my chest and made a small coo.

She has been a dream – apart from some really bad colicky type issues, we are smitten like fools for her!

So thank you so so much. I can honestly say that going to hypnobirthing was the best thing I ever did. I would never have been able to persuade Reza to have a home birth, had it not been for you and I am 100% sure that if we went the hospital route, I wouldn't of popped her out one day after her due date, as I would have been so worried about the whole thing. Reza was also fantastic, it makes you see him in such a new way and I think he felt like he had a real role in the whole thing – which I know would have been absent had we never done your classes.

So all in all, a MASSIVE thank you. You gave me the birth I always wanted and I do hope we all get to meet again so I can give you a good feel of Mia.